Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hopes and Dreams

Before Kindergarten started, Lou's teachers meet with all the parents individually to go over their "Hopes and Dreams" for the year. I scoffed a little at the title, feeling that it was grandiose and fluffy but I did appreciate the sentiment behind the meeting.  I think parents and teachers should be on the same page at the start of the year so no one party has expectations that are unreasonable or out of sync with what will be happening in the classroom that year.  My first hope that I mentioned in the meeting was that Lou continue to develop a love of school.  He loved his pre-school, and never once mentioned that he didn't want to go.  In fact, he was thrilled when Monday would roll around and a whole new week of school started.  I told the Kindergarten teachers that Lou was going to be in school for a long time to come, and that I wanted him to have a foundation rooted in love of learning.  They were very on board with this idea.  

Lou has had nearly 40 days of school so far and I'm not really sure he loves it.  I think he may like parts of it, he certainly tolerates it, but no, he does not love it.  Its a little sad for me.  I always really liked school and have especially fond memories of Pre-K and Kindergarten.  When I was teaching I chose the primary grades because kids learn so much and have so much wonder and gusto at everything.  Its hard for me to see my kid come home without gusto, without enthusiasim, without that burning need to tell me all the awesome things he learned that day.  

I understand that we are different, Lou and I.  I realize this often, mostly at times when he is frustrating me. Maybe handwriting and art and math and social studies aren't as exciting to him as they are to me.  I get that.  But even with our differences I sense that this Kindergarten thing isn't his bag.  Should it be? Shouldn't every kid come home with some excitement from their day?  

The situation makes me a little sad.  I know that there are a lot of school days left and I don't know how to help him enjoy his school more. If something isn't bad, does that make it good (enough) by default? Should I try to pump him up about it or is it being "fine" enough for him?