Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It was a long week, Part II

My MIL was scheduled to visit last week anyway. I woke up on Tuesday, got B ready for school and waited for my MIL to arrive from the airport. At 8:15 I took B downstairs to the carpool and had to break the news to our neighbor.  He was devastated. I told him I'd be in touch. I got keys from the doorman for my MIL and caught a cab to the hospital.

Lou seemed ok. Throughout all of this that has been the biggest saving grace- he just seems like himself. He is happy, he is energetic, he still likes cars and super-heroes and his friends and his family.  He still likes to eat, to play, to make jokes and to smile.  He is still the same kid as he was last week. Its such a relief it makes me cry.

The hospital was intense. The education, the jargon, the schedule, the food, coordinating people taking care of B and thanking all the well wishers and making sure DMS was okay and making sure I was okay it just was non-stop. But amazing also because by Wednesday afternoon we could go home.  I was both desperate to leave and terrified of our new life. With Lou being so young the responsibility was all ours and I knew that in my mama bear way, I would do this. But then situations would pop into my head and I would get overwhelmed with trying to figure out the logistics of how to handle it. Then I would think about this being his life forever and my head would explode.  Or I would cry.  Either or.

When we got home Wednesday afternoon, Lou's best friend came over to play. While I just wanted to sit at home with DMS, Lou and B and have a group hug all afternoon, I realized that Lou needed some play time and to blow off some steam from being cooped up in the hospital. DMS being the social bug that he is, also needed to feel people around him.  I showered and went about unpacking and organizing.  I clean when I'm stressed. I consider this a virtue. We made dinner, we counted carbs, we gave insulin, we kept both our children alive for the night.  We were still very stressed.  My MIL was pushing for us to go out once the kids were asleep.  "Go out and don't talk about diabetes," she said, "enjoy yourselves." I gave a dry laugh and said that if weren't aloud to talk about diabetes, it would be a very quiet dinner. 

Thursday the kids rode to school with the regular carpool.  We followed behind and spend the morning meeting with his teachers and the director going over signs of low-blood sugar and how to test his blood sugar and answering whatever questions they had.  They were doing the December birthday celebration that day as well so we stayed for B's party.  After lunch, Lou was tired so we gave him the option of going home early and he said yes. He colored at home and played nicely.  It seemed like we were going to be able to do this.